We're creating the 1st App for the house music community

"Because House Music Is A Lifestyle!"

House Music Community


Bringing together the people who love and live all the genres of the house music culture. 

Because house music is an important part of our lives each & every day, we focus on its substance and value. Together we can make this our own 1st App based house music community.

Classes, Workshops and Tutorials...

We are partnering with artists and industry professionals to bring you classes, workshops, and tutorials that will make your experiences here well worthwhile. 

Join us today and get ready to connect with talented DJs, entertainers and industry movers and shakers that will keep you coming back for more. 

Public Figures Exclusive Network

Only on House Music Community do public figures, celebrities and official global brands have their own VIP exclusive (invite only) community. Network and collaborate with your peers with no distractions.

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